HB-G shunted high-performance snow blower

The shunted high-performance snow blower employs the same snow clearing technology as the automotive HB-S version

Unlike the automotive machine, however, the shunted variant is driven by already existing pusher locomotives. The pusher locomotives can thus be used to full capacity throughout the year, reducing the investment costs in snow clearing equipment. However, this ultimately depends on the infrastructure of every single railway company. As an option, the pusher locomotive can also be operated via our driver`s cabin, resulting in shorter routes of communication between the locomotive driver and the snow blower operator.

Since the need for the drive motor and other power units is eliminated, the machine is significantly less expensive to purchase and maintain.

The technology and systems employed in the machine remain identical to those of automotive snow blowers, except that the dimensions and the performance parameters are designed to match the existing pusher locomotive.

We recommend using the shunted snow blower in cases where the direction of travel need not be changed frequently or if alternative turning options, such as turning of the machine on the rails, are available.


Electric drive

Another option we can offer for the shunted snow blower is various drive techniques, i.e. we can also implement an electric drive in addition to the diesel drive fitted as standard (see technical specifications of HB 500GE).

Beilhack HB-G

  • Beilhack HB-G